The ideal humidity in an RV?


Although it’s crucial to get rid of excess humidity in your RV, you shouldn’t go overboard. Some persons may have respiratory issues as a result of dry air that has a relative humidity below 30%. Dry air may cause dry skin and even respiratory issues for certain individuals, while humid air encourages condensation and mould.


If at all feasible, the interior environment’s relative humidity (RH) should be regulated between 30 and 50 percent. Low humidity may help deter bugs and dust mites.

Humidity levels are monitored via a digital hygrometer.

A large-capacity dehumidifier often has an integrated hygrometer that shows the humidity level in the space. By installing affordable digital hygrometers in these locations, it is feasible to maintain adequate dryness in closets and cabinets.

Don’t let the air get stale.

You may avoid your car’s windows “fogging up” or condensing by turning up your heater so that warm air is blown over them fast. Because the hot air is moving across the window’s (colder surface) rapidly enough to avoid condensation, the air hitting the surface stays heated.

You may use the same technique to fix problematic windows or surfaces in your RV. Since it is no secret that you will heat your vehicle during the winter, you already have a supply of warm air available to you. You may blow a fan at the window to produce condensation after the warm air has been in touch with it for a time. Fans will make your RV warmer more evenly while also making it quieter.

Keeping the cabinet open

Additionally, dead air spaces in cupboards and closets are vulnerable to condensation because of the inadequate ventilation in such areas. If you discover issues in cabinets or closets, it would be a good idea to keep the doors open. It will make it possible to heat particular areas and increase airflow through them.

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