The left lane law on RV towing



It is generally best practice to stay in the right lane while driving a trailer tower, even though some states have specific laws regarding the use of lanes with regards to trailer towers. There is no guarantee that the rules will not change in the future. Be aware of the specific laws regarding towable RVs whenever you enter a new state so that you do not get tickets or cause an accident. As a result, we compiled a list of RV towing laws in states with stricter trailer laws, despite the fact that many states require all vehicles to drive on the left.


Vehicles towing trailers are prohibited from operating in the left lane on any California highway with two or more lanes in the same direction. On a highway with at least four lanes in the same direction, a vehicle with three axles or more may only pass on the right lane. 



In Connecticut, travel trailers are prohibited from using the far left lane on highways with more than two lanes going in the same direction. 



It is necessary that travel trailers use only the leftmost two lanes when turning left or avoiding hazards on freeways with three or more lanes.



Trailers and campers must be driven in the right lane on Oregon highways with more than two lanes. The rule may be exempted when you are overtaking, turning left, avoiding hazards, or responding to an emergency.



A vehicle over 10,000 pounds is not permitted to use the left lane on Pennsylvania limited-access highways with three or more lanes unless it is turning left.



There are certain circumstances when towing a trailer of any size is prohibited, such as when there are three or more lanes going in the same direction.



No vehicle towing a trailer or weighing over 10,000 pounds is permitted to drive in the left lane of a three-lane road without an exit, turning left, or making an emergency left turn. Additionally, it is prohibited for them to drive in the left lane when passing, turning, or avoiding hazards on a two-lane highway. Since the HOV lane is not considered a left lane, recreational vehicles with the number of occupants specified on signs are permitted to drive there.

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