The RV conversion continues to electric


Over the last several years, a different topic of interest emerged in addition to RV solar panel systems. Over the course of his six or seven years in the RV market, Matt has seen the development of systems from trickle-charging batteries to towables that are entirely solar-powered. Many RV roof A/C systems, like those produced by Nomadic Cooling, are powered by batteries (a subsidiary of Dometic). It is included in Winnebago Revel campervans.

The long-awaited all-electric trucks that will hit the market in 2022 will have a lasting impact on RV makers. Some, like Rivian, will directly harm tent campers and hikers, while 220v outlets will affect towable cars, like the Ford F-150 Lightning.


Solar energy, in my opinion, will become increasingly crucial as RV innovation develops so that propane may be completely removed from the RV lifestyle. The preparation of campgrounds in 2022 is my main worry.


Older parks sometimes lack the electrical infrastructure necessary to allow a 30 or 50 amp RV charging while an EV is charging. As good as it gets is having 50 to 500 spots on a property with both an RV and an EV hooked in concurrently. In 2022, there will be a lot of news articles regarding blackouts at campgrounds.

To get the most out of the 2022 RV camping season, you must educate yourself.

According to Mike Wendland, driving over a pothole in an RV is similar to experiencing an earthquake with a near-5.0 magnitude. Solar energy is still among the slowest ways to produce power, despite all the advancements in solar panel technology. Despite all the knowledge they have, it is hard for RV experts to forecast when or even if prices would decrease.

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