Things in RV that use propane



Your camper needs propane to operate specific appliances. Fortunately, many states recognize propane as a green energy because of its low emissions. Compared to electricity, it’s also more cost-effective. 

While propane emits significantly fewer emissions than other fuel sources, it does not burn completely cleanly. CO2 and CO gasses are emitted when it burns (which can be deadly if not ventilated) and should not be burned in enclosed spaces without adequate ventilation. Additionally, you must ensure that your propane rig’s CO2/CO alarm is up to date, is working, and is periodically tested when using propane applications.

There are a number of devices you can run in your RV with propane:


Using propane flames, a chemical reaction absorbs the heat from the fridge to keep it cool.

Stove Top/Oven:

The top burners and oven are connected to a propane line similar to a gas stove. The heating rate of propane is faster than that of natural gas.


You can heat your RV with a propane heater by burning propane.

Water heater:

It is possible to install propane water heaters in RVs either as regular water heaters or as tankless ones. There is an initial cost associated with tankless water heaters, but they provide unlimited hot water.


There are gas generators and propane generators available, but gas generators are most common. Pollutants are released into the atmosphere less effectively, despite its lower efficiency.

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