Things to Consider When Purchasing RV Awning Lights



Before deciding to install camper awning lights in your rig, you will want to consider a few things before making a final decision. Here is what you need to know! Let’s take a look!


Campsites with colorful lights are automatically attracted to them. It is important to remember that the choice of colors may have nothing to do with party atmospheres but rather with the types of animals that you want to attract. Stick to incandescent yellow or orange lights to keep your guests to the two-legged variety, rather than white or bluish lights. They are most attractive to insects. If you wish to keep the lighting fresh, you may want to consider adding LED light strands that will allow you to change colors whenever the mood strikes you.


RV awning lights with more lumens may brighten your outdoor space if you use it after the sun goes down for specific activities. At the same time, you might be wishing your neighbors would turn off those bright lights at night. A wireless remote control dimmer is available with awning lights for mood lighting. With this setup, you can make the most of both worlds, by turning up the light for board game night with the family and turning it down for a romantic dinner for two.

Energy Efficiency

It is important to consider our energy consumption when camping or boondocking dispersedly. Choosing the right voltage and wattage for the awning lights is important, if this is your preferred camp style. You can find out which ones work with your 12-volt system, along with which ones use less wattage, so you can save some power off the grid. There is no comparison between LED lights and incandescent bulbs in terms of energy efficiency. Consider using a generator or a solar setup if you want to leave them on all night. Otherwise, you may be able to get by with incandescent bulbs.

Ease of Use

Permanent light bars are the easiest way to install push-button RV awning lights. The awning can be erected in any campsite by flipping the switch once you’ve pulled into the campsite. At the end of your stay, you won’t have to pack up lights or extension cords. Your setup and takedown will be a little more complicated if you choose to decorate your awning with hanging lights. Extension cords and light strands will also need storage space. When hanging and storing certain lights such as Edison lights and incandescent round bulbs, keep in mind that their globes can be fragile.

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