Three fantastic lightweight travel trailers



1. 2018 Airstream Sport 16RB

The Airstream Sport Travel Trailer consistently ranks high in top 10 lists and recommendations. The quality, robustness, aesthetics, and durability of these products guarantee a lifetime of use. Sport is a popular pastime. Although Airstream travel trailers are expensive, we don’t mind paying the extra money for them. Several sports models are available, all with great features, construction, and looks. Therefore, you can travel in luxury while secretly towing a travel trailer. Airstream sports models have two floors and weigh less than 3,000 pounds. Vinyl flooring, mini blinds, and LED TVs with high definition are all featured in these sports apartments.

2. 2018 Jayco Hummingbird 17FD Interior

Towing almost any vehicle is possible with Jayco travel trailers. Since all of the trailers are under 20 feet in length, they have a smaller footprint than most. These lightweight campers are an essential part of any RV. A blackened safety class and reinforced aluminum fenders are among the RV’s exterior features. A U-shaped dinette area, plush cushions, and low-power LED lighting embellish the interior. Even though loft rooms are small, they do not feel cramped, cheap, or claustrophobic.

3. 2018 KZ Spree Escape Bathroom

The KZ Spree Escape is our final recommendation. In contrast, the heaviest and smallest floor plan weighs 2,900 pounds. The popularity of RVs can be attributed to their family-friendly layouts. Floor plans E191BH and 14RB are highly recommended. The KZ Spree is a lightweight travel trailer with plenty of features. It features 12 volt charging ports, recessed interior lighting, and a bathroom. A 16,000 BTU heater keeps you warm as well. The KZ Spree Escape is a lightweight travel trailer because of these advantages.

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