Tips for a Stress-Free RV Life



Checking off tasks takes up all your time, so you don’t have time to relax and enjoy your RV. Take a look at these 5 tricks to help you spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

1. RV arrival & departure checklists

No No matter how long you’ve been RVing, it’s easy to skip a step when arriving at or leaving a campsite. The mistakes you make can range from minor ones like leaving things behind to serious ones like damaging your RV or injuring yourself. By following a checklist, you can make sure everything gets done in the right order. The potential for problems can be avoided as a result. Therefore, the process can be accelerated for maximum efficiency.

2. GPS navigation for RVs

An RV will not be able to use any GPS device provided you are towing. The next step is to determine if the route is accessible to large vehicles and whether height restrictions apply. There are also some bridges and tunnels where propane cannot be used. When towing your RV, you can save time and money by using an RV GPS. The size and restrictions of your RV are taken into account by an RV GPS, as opposed to a standard GPS. 

3. Using RV Travel Apps

Apps for mobile phones can help you do many things, including RVing. A few of the most frequently used apps are RVLife, GasBuddy, AllTrails, and Campendium. We can save a lot of time and money by using them to plan, fuel up, and find hikes and places to stay. There is no real cost associated with them, and if there is, it’s well worth it. You can either get them for free or for a reasonable price. 

4. Join Thousand Trails today

We have saved thousands of dollars by being a member of Thousand Trails for the past four years. In addition to saving money, you’ll be able to enjoy full hookups, pools, and other resort amenities as well. While some of their resorts are better than others, they make it easy for tourists to locate campgrounds near some of the most popular tourist areas. Getting work done and exploring Thousand Trails on the weekends is easy with the great locations available. Having our tanks emptied, our power managed, and our sites changed can make it easier for us to relax and enjoy life. An evening stroll after work in these well-maintained facilities is delightful.

5. Place RV snap pads

There were many great RV accessories out there, but Snap Pads were one of my favourites. Without sliding wooden blocks under our landing gear, we are able to park our RV in no time. By doing this, you save time during driving and at campsites, while also protecting the landing gear. The landing gear of your RV must be secured to something in most RV parks and campgrounds. The blocks you stored while travelling will be needed when setting up your RV.

Conversely, rubber shoes function similarly to RV Snap Pads. The landing gear snaps into place when you unhitch from the trailer and stays on the trailer when you stop. You do not need a block to unhitch because they stay on the trailer. It is thanks to them that our landing gear has remained in pristine condition for the last four years.

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