Tips for Making RV Life Easier



Here we enlist some tips that will make your RV life easier.

1. Invest in an outdoor screen tent

Having an outdoor screen tent took a couple of years for us to realize its need. After changing our minds, we realized it was a game changer because of the storage space and ease of setup. Rather than taking up a lot of space, outdoor screen tents can be set up much more quickly. Despite bad weather, we can enjoy being outside with our tent. Getting a tent with side covers will help you block wind and sun. When traveling in a motorhome, these tents make life so much easier.

2. Install a high pressure shower head

There are many campgrounds with poor water pressure, if you haven’t heard. RV shower heads need to be upgraded if you like power showers. There are several options, but Oxygenics are popular. It takes minutes to install one of these shower heads. Their extreme pressure increases and they use less water than a standard RV shower head. To minimize the amount of water you use when showering, you can turn the water on and off at a touch. Showers in RVs are a must if you use them regularly.

3. Prepare your meals in an Instant Pot

When it comes to cooking on the go, an Instant Pot is your best friend. You can reduce the cooking time for some foods by using an Instant Pot. Besides allowing you to multitask while your food cooks, the cooker usually allows you to set the temperature according to your preferences. You will save time by multitasking so you can focus on other things. Food prepared in an Instant Pot is incredibly tasty and saves you time. The most efficient way to cook your food doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. You can also create dishes with your Instant Pot using entire cookbooks and websites. You can also move your Instant Pot outside your RV to keep it cool and dry.

4. Replace your door lock with an RVLock keyless entry handle

It’s frustrating to be locked out of your RV. You no longer need keys to secure your home when you replace your standard door lock with an RVLock. Your RV can be unlocked easily by entering your personalized code. If you leave the house, you may appreciate being able to lock it with the push of a button. Your RV is more secure with an RVLock. A handful of different locks are usually found on standard RVs. Your RV can be unlocked using someone else’s key at camp. The RV or belongings are not very secure if you get locked out with this option. Switching to an RVLock virtually eliminates the possibility of another camper gaining access to your RV.

5. Keep a thermometer in your RV fridge

Unlike residential refrigerators, RV refrigerators are not as cooperative when it comes to setting a temperature. The contents of your fridge can be ruined if the temperature gets too high if they are temperamental when it comes to coolingthermometer in your RV refrigerator allows you to monitor the temperature. Your RV’s cooling settings may need to be adjusted based on the season or the amount of sun. Bluetooth thermometers in some RVs provide alerts when temperatures reach unsafe levels. You may have to pay more for these, but they are usually less expensive than replacing your refrigerator entirely.

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