Tips to Make RV Life Easier



When you spend all your time checking off tasks, you have less time to enjoy your RV and go on adventures. Check out these 5 tricks to help you spend more time enjoying your favorite activities.

1. Checklists for RV arrivals and departures

No When arriving or departing from a campsite, it’s easy to skip a step, regardless of how long you’ve been RVing. You may make minor mistakes such as leaving items behind, or you may commit serious errors that could damage your RV or injure yourself. You can ensure that everything gets done in the correct order by following a checklist. As a result, any potential problems can be avoided. As a result, the process can be expedited for maximum efficiency.

2. Driving with an RV GPS

Any GPS won’t work when you’re towing an RV. Now you have to consider height restrictions and whether the route is accessible to large vehicles. The use of propane is also restricted on some bridges and tunnels. An RV GPS can help you avoid sticky situations while towing. Unlike a standard GPS, an RV GPS takes into account the size of your RV and any road restrictions. 

3. Using RV Travel Apps

RVing is one of the many things you can do with the help of mobile phone apps. RVLife, GasBuddy, AllTrails, and Campendium are some of the apps we use most often. By using them, we can save a great deal of time and money when it comes to planning, fueling up, and finding hikes and places to stay. There are no real costs involved with them, and if they do, they’re well worth it. They’re either free or relatively inexpensive. 

4. Become a member of Thousand Trails

Our Thousand Trails membership has helped us save thousands of dollars over the past four years. You’ll save money joining and have full hookups, pools, and other resort amenities. The company makes it easy to find campgrounds near some of the most popular tourist areas, even if some of their resorts are better than others. We enjoy finding Thousand Trails with great locations to get work done and go exploring on the weekends. It is easier for us to relax and enjoy life when we don’t have to worry about filling or emptying our tanks, managing our power, or changing sites. The well-maintained facilities make for a wonderful evening stroll after work.

5. Place RV snap pads

Snap Pads were one of the best RV accessories. It doesn’t take long for us to park our RV without having to slide wood blocks under our landing gear. By doing so, you save time and protect the landing gear during driving and at campsites. In most RV parks and campgrounds, you have to place the landing gear of your RV on something. When you set up your RV, you’ll need to get out blocks made of plastic or wood that you stored while traveling.

Rubber shoes, on the other hand, work like RV Snap Pads. You don’t have to place blocks when you unhitch because they snap into place, stay on your landing gear, and stay on your landing gear when you stop. Our landing gear has been in pristine condition for the last four years thanks to them.

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