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Winter is definitely the right time for your RV to rest after a long summer camping in the great outdoors! Winterizing your RV properly is essential if you want it to perform as well next summer as it did this summer. Putting it to bed for the winter is a good habit to get into, not only because it optimizes its life but due to the cost savings it offers. 

A basic overview of all the steps we covered, along with the tools and supplies you’ll need, is included in this article.


In order to properly winterize your RV, you’ll need several essential tools and supplies. It is necessary to purchase an aftermarket kit to winterize your RV properly in the event that some of the items on this list do not come installed on your RV.

  • Antifreeze for RVs

The best antifreeze for RVs should be a nontoxic one if you want to extend the life of your RV and protect the environment as well. According to the size and layout of your RV, you should expect to use 2-3 gallons.

  • Bypass kits for water heaters

Bypassing your water heater while still maintaining hot water flow throughout your RV is possible with these kits. In addition to RVs that already have them, they are also quite inexpensive if you do not have one. If you don’t have one already installed, don’t skip this step if you want to winterize your RV properly.

  • A tank-cleaning wand

There are some RVs that have an already installed rinser system; if yours doesn’t, you can clean your tank with a tank cleaning wand, which is usually very affordable.

  • Kits or tubing for water pump converters

The RV antifreeze will be pumped into your water system once it is attached to the inlet end of your water pump.

  • Tools for connecting and removing drain plugs

It’s time for the actual steps that need to be taken to winterize your RV to begin now that you have all the items you need.


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