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When you’re in the wilds, nature may require you to attend to its needs. In places miles away from restaurants or buildings, it may be the only option. Are there other options? My first camper had limited space. I wanted to maximize the space so I could fit everything essential. Nature’s toilet replaced the bathroom. If everyone agrees, I’m probably okay with it.

1. Jay Sport Trailer

The first camper on our list has a bathroom. Having the Sport Trailer will save you money on hotel rooms. A trailer that doesn’t waste any space is packed with all the essentials. Simple, sleek, and compact design makes life in the wild as comfortable as possible. In such a small package, so much has been packed in. That’s not all there is to it. In bright weather, the roof vent can be easily opened thanks to its built-in mesh screening. It’s the bathroom that brings us here, of course. Therefore, the Jay Sport comes with a large heater, which weighs six gallons and is much bigger than you’d expect for this size trailer. Water tanks power showers, toilets, and sinks both inside and outside. With a bathroom, this is a great small camper.

2. Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Trailer

When designing this trailer, various climates and terrain conditions were considered. Made of reinforced fiberglass, it fits each Spirit Deluxe. The camper comes with a bathroom as well. Providing a well ventilated and smell-free space, the extractor fan removes humid air and separates the shower from the toilet. If you need additional storage, we’ve got you covered. Overhead storage spaces can store additional camping gear. Small campers with bathrooms are best.

3. Barefoot Caravans

It can be shipped to the USA even though it is a UK company. For their efforts, four caravan experts received a well-deserved trust award. Among its most appealing features is its ability to be customized. Six colors are available for customizing trailer features. Mixing things up can result in a more ecliptic design. The features of this product make it stand out. There should also be a discussion about the bathroom. It is powered by a Truma water heater, which is an acclaimed brand of water heaters. This can be powered by electricity or gas. Among the attractive features of the bathroom are a full portrait mirror, ample cupboard space, a shower, sink, and toilet. This trailer may make you never want to return home. If you are looking for a small camper with a bathroom, travel trailers are a good choice.

4. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

Nearly 50 years of Lance trailers and truck campers. Despite its lightweight (2,700 pounds), the Lance 1575 is packed with features. Small luxuries aren’t sacrificed on an adventure. You have everything you need. The little things Lance has taken care of make driving feel like home. It also has a bathroom. A foot-operated toilet is easy to use and clean. The toilet is plumbed with black tanks, and it works well. Your bathroom will receive plenty of natural light thanks to the skylight. There is everything you need in the bathroom. It’s a great camper with a small bathroom.

5. United Recreational Vehicles, LLC’s iCamp Elite

Its sporty aesthetic is characterized by its colourful, compact, and sporty aesthetic. Aluminum, fibreglass reinforcement, and high-density Styrofoam are used to make them, despite their small size. It’s not just about cute looks for the campers. One of the smallest options on this list is the Elite. Taking one of these beauties on a road trip will require some compromises due to their small size. The manufacturer used several clever design strategies to maximize available space. The rounded edges of furniture are usually snugly fit together as a result. It might not be ideal for you if you are tall to use a small camper that tops out just shy of six feet. Its small size allows it to pack some impressive features. Fortunately, a bathroom was able to be squeezed in. Toilets and showers are in the bathrooms.

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