Travel time for an Airstream motorhome



A journey into the past is at your fingertips with Airstream Time Travel. You may not believe this until you see for yourself that there are no permanent things in life. There is a revolution happening right now at Airstream! There is no comprehensive list of models to be found in a decade-by-decade glance.

1935 Airstream Torpedo

An Airstream Torpedo from 1935 is one of the oldest and rarest models. It was necessary to do some DIY work on Torpedo’s 17-foot frame. There were 3,150 pounds of unloaded weight on it during the Great Depression. It had four beds and some innovations that were pioneering at the time, such as a tank underneath that provided pressurized water.

1948 Airstream Liner

There is a new shape for Airstreams, and the Land Yacht’s size increases. There are many different layouts available on this beauty, which is 22 feet long.

1956 Flying Cloud

Its Pre-1957 trailers feature 13 panel end caps that are designed to highlight their attractiveness. There is almost no variation from the original design on the 22 foot classic. Even though it is 61 years old, this particular model is still in excellent condition for just replacing a toilet. 

1965 Globetrotter

Airstream’s 20 foot silver bullet is a great example of retro style and sturdy construction.

1973 Airstream Excella 500

Despite the fact that it has no contents, it weighs in at a staggering 5,500 pounds. Additionally, there is a blue stripe running down the side that gives it an aesthetic appeal.

1989 Airstream Sovereign

This model offers a variety of lengths and amenities, as well as a wide range of lengths. Here at Haydocy, we offer this model, which features beautiful glass work in its lower cabinets and upholstered interior.

2017 Airstream Tommy Bahama

Bright models like this one seem to be geared towards outdoor enthusiasts. As this Airstream is decorated with swordfish accents, it makes a perfect fishing vehicle.

Final Thoughts

The pictures speak for themselves; Airstream has always been at the forefront of its industry. We are offering you the opportunity to walk through the Land Yacht today to get a better understanding of what adventures await you. Having an Airstream in the family makes it easier to get together.

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