Two of the best RVs for full-time living



There are two RVs that are popular choices among full-time RVers, but really any RV can be converted into a living space for full-time RVing.

1. Used Class A RV

The comfort of a Class A RV makes it a popular choice for full-time living despite its size and initial cost. Many people are willing to pay a little more for the RV than they would for a towable RV because they are replacing their stick and brick home with the RV. Especially if you plan to live in your RV full-time, a Class A might just be the best option since you won’t have to sacrifice much! A typical RV can be equipped with house-like amenities like a refrigerator, a shower, and a stovetop.

Rather than spending a fortune on your motorhome purchase, though, choose a used model. You can avoid the initial depreciation hit these RVs take during the first year or so by buying a used Class A motorhome, and it makes sense to buy one. Even though you’re saving thousands, you’ll still be getting a full-time rig.

2. Fifth Wheel

According to some people, the fifth wheel might be the best RV for full-time living. The prices for these are generally less than those for a Class A RV, but they are usually the most comfortable. It is also necessary to have a pick-up truck with a fifth-wheel hitch if you intend to move into this RV full-time. You’ll appreciate having your truck available for grocery runs or exploration around town without having to pack up at the campsite unless you’re towing a toad vehicle.

You should consider your lifestyle when choosing the best RV for full-time living.

Despite the fact that some people may be strongly inclined to believe that a class A or a fifth wheel is the best RV for full-time living, the truth is that your personal preference will determine which RV is best for you. One RV may be the perfect fit for one family but not necessarily for another. Don’t rush into making this big decision before assessing your budget, needs, and travel plans. You can reach out to our sales team if you need guidance on your decision. You can work with us to determine what type of RV is best for you and find one that meets your needs perfectly.


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