Types of DIY Kayak Racks



Kayak rack designs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There have been numerous rack designs over the years, so it is ultimately up to you to choose a type that fits your needs and preferences.

In choosing a design for your RV, keep the RV’s size and class in mind, as these will determine where the rack can go. It’s also important to keep your own experience in building in mind when choosing a design. DIY kayak racks may be better suited for your capabilities depending on how comfortable you are with certain tools.

Vertical Kayak Racks

It is a very popular approach among RVers to store kayaks vertically. The design of this DIY kayak rack is great since it allows you to store your kayaks in the rear of your car, where they will not take up any space. The vertical kayak rack enables you to stand your kayak rack vertically as the name implies.

Converted Cargo Racks

A converted cargo rack concept is a great option for RV owners who want to avoid some of the technical aspects of building a rack. It is possible to store your kayaks using an old cargo rack or luggage rack. Your RV may already have one of these, but if not, you can get one secondhand and save some money by buying a used one. In order to increase the support and security of your kayak setup, you’ll need to customize the cargo rack you choose. You will install a converted cargo rack on the back of your camper similarly to the vertical kayak rack.

Roof Racks

Most RVs can be fitted with roof racks because they can be installed just about anywhere. Your kayaks will be safe and secure with a roof rack that you can install on any RV, whether it’s a small Class B or a large Fifth Wheel.

Making a custom frame will be necessary if your vehicle does not already have a roof rack. Several RVers might find this too technical for their casual lifestyles, since welding might be required. Nevertheless, if the right design and materials are used, it can be a very practical method of transporting a kayak.

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