Utah dispersed camping spots



A journey through the Four Corners area of southeast Utah begins. In addition to Utah, we’ll cover Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Over 6,000 feet of elevation is found at some locations.

The Valley of the Gods Campground

In spite of its name, some say it resembles a mushroom. In southern Utah, this 17-mile loop also offers a variety of other natural attractions. Access to the park is provided by U.S. Highways 261 and 163. County roads are rough in some places, crossing shallow creeks.

Moab Dispersed Camping

Would you like this location? The Canyonlands National Park sits roughly halfway between Moab and Arches. Drive up a ridge despite a sign pointing to developed campgrounds in Utah. Your luck might have you alone or in a small community. Each large area offers great views, fire pits, and cell coverage.

Dispersed camping on Highway 89

About 30 minutes away from southwestern Utah. A section of the old highway can be seen straight ahead from U.S. 89. Scout out the perfect spot higher up while on the hill. To the east, stunning mountain views and the Virgin River can be accessed. Stores, dump stations, and restaurants are on Mount Carmel.

Lake Silver Island lies in the mountains

Shade is scarce despite the heat. Salt flats are visible day and night. The desolate beauty of deserts like these makes them seem otherworldly. The Byway connects Silver Island Mountains to Salt Lake City. The salt flats are not open during the day to dispersed camping. Daytime exploration of the flats is allowed. There may be pronghorns around.

Wedge Overlook in Emery

Natural overlook of the Little Grand Canyon offers spectacular views. Yet it has fewer people than the Grand Canyon. Hikers will find 16 miles of trails here. Sunlight changes the hues of sandstone. Interstate 70 is roughly 25 miles north, at 6,266 feet.

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