What are RV wheel chocks?



When parked at a campground, or anywhere else for that matter, RV wheel chocks keep your RV or trailer fully stationary. A decline or incline makes this even more important. It is also a good idea to use chocks whenever you are not using your RV. Your rig may roll away unintentionally or slip off a jack if wheel chocks are not used. 


Wheel chocks must be set up properly for safety reasons. The first step in setting up camp should be to place them in the correct position. The last step before leaving should be to remove them. Choks are certainly one of the most important tools you should purchase for your RV, despite being one of the least expensive. 


Campers often begin with bulk chocks when they begin camping. Plastic is usually the material of choice for these products, and they are relatively inexpensive. Rubber chocks, x-chocks, and wheel stops are also available.


The fact that common plastic wheel chocks are actually subject to an expiration date is something most people don’t know (or even refuse to believe, according to Jason from RV Miles). Plastic doesn’t expire, so why would it?


Since car seats work the same way, parents might understand this faster. Even when not constantly in use, these wheel chocks will begin to degrade over time. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as:

  • Freezing temperatures or cold weather
  • Solar radiation
  • Wear and tear are normal
  • Usage error

When plastic wheel chocks are used after their expiration date, some dangerous situations can occur. If your RV is not well secured by the chocks, they may slip out of their proper position, rendering them useless. Putting them in place could also cause them to shatter.

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