What are RV wheel clamps?


Wheel chocks for RVs keep your RV or trailer completely immobile while parked in a campsite, or anywhere else for that matter. This is especially more crucial when there is a dip or slope. Additionally, it’s a good idea to utilise chocks anytime your RV is not in use. If wheel chocks are not utilised, your trailer could accidentally roll away or fall off a jack.

For safety purposes, wheel chocks must be correctly installed. They should be positioned correctly before beginning to build a camp. Remove them as your final action before departing. Despite being one of the cheapest equipment you should buy for your RV, chocs are unquestionably one of the most crucial. When beginning their camping trip, many campers start with bulk supplies. These things are often made of plastic, and they are not very costly. There are additional rubber chocks, x-chocks, and wheel stops available.


The majority of people are unaware of the fact that standard plastic wheel chocks have an expiry date (or even refuse to believe, according to Jason from RV Miles). Why would plastic perish while plastic doesn’t? Parents could comprehend this more quickly since car seats operate in a similar manner. These wheel chocks will eventually start to deteriorate, even when they are not continually in use. This might be brought on by a number of things, including:

  • Cold or freezing temperatures Solar radiation
  • Wear and tear are typical
  • Usage mistake

Some hazardous circumstances may arise if plastic wheel chocks are utilised beyond their expiry date. The chocks may move out of place and become worthless if your RV is not securely fastened to them. They can break if you try to put them in place.

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