What are some decorating ideas for RVs?



You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money decorating your RV. Homely comforts don’t require much effort. You can find RV decorating ideas here.

We have provided a range of options below depending on your level of expertise and your level of commitment.

1. Colorful Splash

A room can be instantly transformed by painting an accent wall. An area’s vibe is often influenced by the paint color chosen. Paint is relatively inexpensive and can make or break an area’s feel. To achieve stunning results, use a bold blue against a neutral color. RVs can feel warmer and more energetic with colorful touches. You can always hire a professional if you can’t handle the paint job yourself. RV decorating ideas include painting, because it transforms the whole space. 

2. Wall decor adds your own flair

RV wall decor provides a unique way to add character to any space. The smallest additions can often have the greatest impact, whether you are a sculpture enthusiast or a photographer. Hang smaller pieces of art or light frames on camper walls. When it comes to hanging pictures on the walls, we prefer 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. Your RV walls won’t be damaged by them, and they are easy to take off.

3. Repaint the walls or cabinets

Several hundred square feet can be transformed with a painting job on the walls and cabinets of your RV. The paint colors you choose for your RV may vary based on its condition. For example, envision the edgy look of bright white walls accented by stark black cabinets. Decorate your RV according to your own taste and style with this creative idea!

4. Pillows and slipcovers can be added

Have you ever considered adding modern throw blankets and pillows to your RV when upgrading on a budget? Since most RVs come directly from the manufacturer, the design may not suit your tastes. Cover bland or damaged furniture with bright and inviting slipcovers and pillows instead of overhauling the RV decor. Throughout the year, you can even change the pillow covers. Adding this little touch will immediately make your home feel more inviting!

5. Fixture Upgrades

You can also add personality to your rig by replacing outdated fixtures. The cabinet drawer handles and light fixtures of many RVs come standard today. Imagine the difference it would make if you switched the plastic off-white light covers with mother-of-pearl accent pieces.

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