What are the benefits of buying a vintage Airstream?



When we first started our search, we did not have vintage Airstreams in mind. The idea of renovating a vintage trailer sparked our interest after we saw someone doing it. Our first thought was to look for one because we were surprised at how modern and different some of those vintage remodels were. It gives you a sense of connection to your trailer when you are part of its construction. 


When it comes to vintage Airstreams, if you have the time and skills, one is probably the best choice if you are planning on remodelling it yourself. As we lacked the knowledge and skills to complete the restoration ourselves, we enlisted the help of a restoration company instead. 


  • Renovation time: Restoration projects can take anywhere from 6-18 months, depending on the trailer’s physical condition and your commitment. Working on the project every day may enable you to complete it in less than six months.
  • Where to find: It is possible to find old Airstreams on Craigslist, Airstream Hunter, Airstream Classifieds, and Facebook marketplace. Before you buy a product, make sure you see it first. Vintage trailers can still look the same after 40 or 50 years on the road, even after being on the road for decades. Approximately 75% of the Airstreams that were built over the last century still exist.
  • Experience: Electrical, plumbing, metalworking, and carpentry skills are needed.
  • Challenges: Be sure to look at items before purchasing them. It may be challenging and costly to fix subfloor damage or water damage for example, there may be leaks or serious frame issues. If you would like to see it before you buy it, you should buy a plane ticket. If the owner is willing, ask him or her to plug in the device for 30 minutes and pretend that you are camping. A trailer’s structural soundness should also be checked. Ideally, you are looking for a trailer in good condition.
  • The learning curve: Home improvement and trailer design can be rewarding and provide a great deal of knowledge as you go along.
  • Uniqueness: This is one of my favourite features! Due to its unique design, your Airstream is worth a lot when you wish to resell it. The price of a restored vintage Airstream can range from $80k to $100k. In terms of layout and interior, the trailer can be built however you wish.
  • Affordability: It is generally more expensive to buy an older or smaller Airstream. An older Airstream, especially one built before 1970, is more rare and more expensive. It’s usually more expensive to buy a trailer with original appliances, paint, lights, and floors.
  • Expense: An Airstream shell may cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over twelve thousand dollars. Depending on the desired outcome and materials, DIY restorations can cost as little as $10k and as much as $40k while professional restorations can cost $40k-100k.

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