What are the best cheap travel trailers for 2022?



The concept of cheap can be difficult to define when it comes to pricing. One person’s affordable lifestyle could be another’s unaffordable lifestyle. In contrast, a travel trailer that costs less than $28,000 is usually considered a cheap RV.


Travel trailers that are cheap usually have a length of less than 25 feet. In order to maintain low costs, manufacturers use lower quality products and do not include more expensive amenities in RVs. The right way and place to use your travel trailer can still make it a great RV for your adventures.

Travel Trailers: The Best Cheap Deals for 2022

Manufacturing companies use their creativity and skills to ensure customers get the most for their money.

1. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TB 

E-PRO E15TB RVs are described by Forest River as being able to do everything. This RV is capable of accommodating a variety of camping styles. You can convert two twin beds into a king-sized bed according to your preferences. The E15TB provides 190 watts of solar power and 1000 watts of inverter power, making off-grid camping a bit more achievable. With its 2,667 lb weight, you might not even need to upgrade your tow vehicle to tow your camper on epic adventures.

2. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 174BH

A cheap family-friendly RV doesn’t have to be expensive. Jayco’s Jay Flight SLX 7 174BH proves that. There are bunk beds and a queen-sized bed in this cheap travel trailer, which can sleep five people. In the future, you can upgrade the 174BH RV to become an off-grid RV by installing a solar panel on the roof. The LP quick connect hose makes it easy to cook over a griddle or use a propane fire pit while camping.

3. Riverside Retro RV 179

Would you like to purchase a 1950s-style RV with modern construction? You’ve found it! The Retro RV 179 by Riverside will meet all your needs! In the Retro RV 179, which measures 20 feet by 9 inches, you will find a rare walk-around queen-sized bed. You’ll be able to store all your camping gear with the Retro RV 179, which has two large closets and a full bath. The outside shower saves you the trouble of cleaning up when you get dirty while adventuring. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, Retro RV models are customizable.

4. Oregon Trailer Do-Drop

There is no doubt that the Oregon Trailer Do-Drop is one of the best cheap travel trailers on the market. Simple, light, and affordable, this compact camp trailer is the perfect option for camping. You can do some epic adventuring with this compact backpack, despite its compact structure. Couples or individuals who want to explore remote or difficult-to-reach locations may not be able to reach these locations in an RV. In addition to a la carte options, Do-Drops are available on a per-drop basis. Between 550 and 700 pounds is the average weight of these rigs. You shouldn’t miss out on the cosy and budget-friendly Do-Drop trailers after a long day of exploring and hiking trails.

5. Gobi MOAB Trailers

Gobi MOAB Trailers are ideal for people who love compact teardrop RVs but need a little more room. There are approximately 1,890 pounds in a trailer measuring 13 feet by 8 inches. In addition to the interior storage cabinets, there is also outside gear storage. With the “Summit” package, the rear outside storage space is equipped with a drop-in stove, sink, and storage cabinets. A charger is included with the battery, which has a capacity of 100 amp hours. You can also customize your RV with a wide range of upgrades and options available from Gobi.

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