What are the most cost-effective methods to move an RV?


To reduce the overall cost of transporting your RV, there are other measures you can take besides shopping around.


In order for this to work, your RV must be in working condition no matter where it is being transported, but it must be brought to your home. Transport the RV to a terminal that is relatively close to your residence and then drive it home yourself. The benefits of this method are mostly available to retirees or people who can take time off from work, otherwise the paycheck loss might not be worth it. Even so, a shorter distance and easier drop-off will result in lower costs if the transport drives to a nearby location.

Plan ahead

We recommend booking at least one to two weeks in advance since RV transports tend to be more expensive when rushed. Finding a transporter with an open schedule a few weeks in advance reduces the chances of them shuffling their schedule, especially if you’re their preferred service. If you want to get the lowest rates, just ask the RV transport company. You might have to wait a little longer for transportation, but you save money in the long run.

Timing for gas prices

There’s no easy way to do this! During the summer of 2022, gas prices changed a lot. Be sure to check the price of diesel since your transport probably uses diesel if you don’t seem to have an urgent need to move your RV right away.

Be prepared in advance

You will need to complete quite a few tasks before your RV can be transported or rolled. Water, gas, and other systems must be disconnected, and your RV’s weight must be reduced. The more time the transport has to wait for you to be ready to pick up your RV, the more likely you are to pay more. Save both time and money by planning ahead.

Be careful when accepting terms

Low prices from a transporter might be too good to be true. It costs the same to transport goods. A driver might not accept a low deposit if the company wants a nonrefundable deposit.

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