What are the top seven travel trailer brands for 2022?



How would you like to travel in a travel trailer in 2022? It can be challenging to choose the right brand of travel trailer. You can count on us to help you narrow down your options and make the most of your investment if you need assistance.

A Travel Trailer: What Is It? 

Travel trailers are recreational vehicles (RVs) that are towed behind another vehicle. It is possible to find a travel trailer that fits your needs, ranging from 12 feet to 40 feet long. Additional living space can be created with slide-outs in some models. Additionally, bathrooms, bunk beds, and kitchen islands are available on trailers.

7 Best Travel Trailer Brands of 2022

The purpose of this article is to examine the seven best travel trailer brands that will meet all of your requirements.

1. Airstream

Over the years, Airstream has continually developed new technology and improved its innovative products. Travel trailers from them are available in eight models. Various models start at $43,900 and range up to $179,000.

2. Grand Design RV

The Grand Design RV company manufactures five different types of travel trailers, including toy hauler trailers. RVers of all types will find a floor plan to satisfy their needs. Even though they produce thousands of trailers each year, the quality and reliability of their products are never compromised.

3. Oliver Travel Trailers

It is Oliver’s policy to manufacture only high quality travel trailers made of fibreglass. The shell of the trailer is made up of double-hulled fibreglass. The product consists of two pieces of plastic that are connected at both top and bottom. It is available in single-axle and larger models, with a weight of 3,700 and 4,900 pounds, respectively.

4. Lance Campers

All-season durability and high quality construction are Lance’s hallmarks. All trailers from the company are also guaranteed for two years for structural integrity. A Consumer Digest rating of the highest quality was also given to them.

5. Outdoors RV

Despite being a lesser-known brand, the Outdoors RV brand is getting a lot of attention in 2022. Since 2009, the company has been manufacturing RVs because of its desire to manufacture products that can handle any terrain or weather. It’s called “mountain tough four season camping” when you’re camping in the mountains.

6. Winnebago

As One of the best travel trailer brands, Winnebago makes motorhomes and pull-behind trailers. It is their quality construction that makes their trailers stand out. The Winnebago RV company is known for staying on top of the latest innovations in the RV industry.

7. Jayco

It has earned a reputation among industry professionals for being one of the most reliable brands available. It is impressive that Jayco remains among the top seven brands despite many other brands having ahead-of-the-curve technology and innovation. From ultra-light to half-ton, travel trailers are available in nine different styles and sizes.

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