What are your RV needs?



RV types and models vary widely due to the diversity of people’s needs. It would make more sense to use a large fifth wheel than a small travel trailer if you plan on full-timing with your partner and children. The big fifth wheel might not make sense if you’re a single traveling between cities and remote boondocking areas one week and then a 4×4 campervan the next. RVing full-time requires honesty about one’s needs and expectations. A small entry-level travel trailer won’t be able to accommodate a family of 4 with a dog. It can be stressful for a young college graduate to purchase a new class C car and travel for a year.


An RV’s limited space can significantly impact your RV experience. A big draw of full-time RVing is the desire to downsize and simplify. While this is a great way to live, you must be honest about how drastic a change you are willing to make. It is important to decide how much time you will spend in the indoor living space and what you will be doing there. If you spend most of your time indoors, you’ll want a more luxurious RV. To maximise the storage space in your RV, you’ll need to look at ways to add storage. You may need dedicated office space if you work from home. Again, ask yourself if you’re happy working at a dinette table on a daily basis. Having children will not only require a dedicated sleeping area, but also a separate room for playing, doing schoolwork, or enjoying alone time. Storage space is included in living space. You will have to use daily things depending on your hobbies. Everything requires space, whether it’s crafting or paddle boarding.


Every person sees full-time RVing differently. RV living at home is different from RV living on the road. RVs designed for frequent travelers are better. If you plan on visiting parks and big campgrounds state-to-state, a Class A looks like a good choice. In rural areas, off-road areas, and boondocking, you may often travel. If you want a vehicle you can unhook easily and drive daily or explore cities, getting a towable provides this option. 


RV choices are influenced by your budget. For full-timing, you don’t need an expensive or brand-new RV. It’s expensive to buy a large motorhome if your budget only allows for a 40 year old model. Similarly, buying an old RV will not give you the largest RV. Older RVs are fine. If you decide to purchase a vehicle, you should consider maintenance and repairs. The cost of financing a new RV depends on your budget. To fund this dream, do not put yourself in significant debt. When choosing your RV, you must balance your wants, needs, and budget.

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