What do you dislike about RV living?



For those who are dedicated to RV lifestyles, is it possible for them to experience a desire to be static sometimes? Can they imagine how they would feel if they lived in a stick-and-brick house with hot water, a refrigerator, and a washing machine? Road trips have several advantages, but they also have some drawbacks.

1. Decision fatigue

RV living involves many decisions. The number of decisions RVers have to make can be underestimated by many. This is especially important for RV travelers who travel full time. It is common to have a running checklist in your head when you plan to move regularly. It is exhausting to tow a massive RV behind you, but towing it from one campground to another compounds the problem. Your route should be planned, made safe, and include stops for gas and bathroom breaks. Dreams of RVing full-time are shattered by decision fatigue for many RVers. Thus, making decisions is a very stressful process for them. Minutes later, they give up and leave.

2. Crowds are increasing

RV sales have been booming for the past few years, without a doubt. RV manufacturers continue to break records despite high demand from customers. Even before an RV is manufactured, the VIN is sold! Thousands of RVs are being sold by manufacturers to individuals and families. Whether people are travelling in their RVs for weekends or travelling full-time, campgrounds and boondocking sites are becoming increasingly crowded. For those with limited vacation time or weekend trips, planning ahead is a rewarding process. RVing is a great way to spend time with friends and family! It can be difficult to plan ahead when living in an RV full time. Even after years of planning where to stay, it gets boring after a while.

3. Invasion of privacy

We all value privacy. The lack of privacy in RVs, however, can make you feel lonely. Since the walls in RVs are thin, you can hear what your neighbours are doing. In many RV homes, all family members or guests have access to the same bathroom. Living in a small space can make it difficult to relax alone. Someone can seem to be watching or listening to you all the time. Just as in a home, neighbours can be good or bad. Inevitably, someone will be dissatisfied with your work and might even attempt to defy you. Some RVers are not happy campers, but most are courteous and quiet. Facebook RV groups are a great place to see RVer complaints.

4. Costs can be high 

When you bought your RV, you might have thought that the expensive purchases were over. Camping fees, RV accessories, or a tow vehicle are always something you’ve got to buy. In addition to these problems, you are also required to pay for routine maintenance and endure those pains at the fuel pump that seem to never diminish. Your RV will break down eventually, not if. A RV will eventually break if you own it for a long period of time and use it regularly. If it can’t be fixed yourself, some RV repair shops charge $150 to $200 an hour. The RV life will also cost you more if you wish to have adventures, experience new things, and buy souvenirs. There are ways to save money on RVing, but it can be expensive. RV lifestyles are appealing to many people because they save money. It’s true, but it’s not cheap. An emergency fund should also be set up to cover any unexpected RV expenses.

5. Availability is limited

When you walked into your first RV, you may have thought it was enormous. The more time you spend in it, the more likely you are to change your mind. Now that RV camper feels claustrophobic in comparison to the luxurious RV it once was. It can be overwhelming to be trapped inside for days on end in a small space due to bad weather.

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