What does boondocking entail?



In spite of the fact that you might be a pro-RVer, there are some misconceptions about boondocking. There are many meanings associated with boondocking. Camping for free in an RV is an essentially free activity, but there are many kinds, each having its own name. We will compare and contrast the different boondocking types. The following is a list of fairly comical RV terms.

Is Boondocking Legal?

Boondocking is completely legal if you follow the rules. A consent must be obtained before any action can be taken. It’s not as easy as showing up and setting up camp. In order to moochdock and lotdock, permission must be obtained ahead of time. Boondocking on public lands is first-come, first-served, so reservations aren’t necessary. Generally, you can only camp in designated areas and there is a 14-day stay limit.

Finding Boondocking Spots

Find great boondocking spots online with the help of many resources. The popularity of RVing is increasing boondocking accommodation availability. For finding lodging information, there are several good websites, including Allstays, FreeRoam, and Campendium. Additionally, Recreation.gov contains a comprehensive listing of federal lands. In addition, OvernightRVParking.com offers lotdocking services.

Which Type of Boondocking Is Your Favorite? 

When it comes to boondocking, location is everything. Your RV can be parked anywhere you like. A moochdocking or lotdocking experience is more like a stopover than a deliberate destination as opposed to boondocking. In addition to helping you familiarise yourself with your RV, they can also help you learn how to do boondocking. The free services do not cost anything, despite the fact they all exist. Each of these factors contributes to a sense of freedom associated with RV living.

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