What Is A Deep Cycle Battery? A Complete Guide



It is possible to charge and recharge deep cycle batteries several times. A deep cycle battery provides steady power over an extended period of time rather than a burst of power for tasks like starting a vehicle. Since deep cycle batteries are intended to be used for longer periods of time, they don’t have ratings like cranking amps or cold-cranking amps, which are only suitable for starting cars, trucks, motorhomes, or bats. The dual-purpose battery combines the functionality of a deep cycle battery with that of a cranking battery. However, that’s a subject for a different post.

Let’s take a look at the four types of deep cycle batteries!

Deep Cycle Battery Types

Lithium Ion

Electrons move between the anode and cathode in a lithium battery to generate a charge. It is the fastest type of battery to recharge and can be discharged almost completely without causing a problem. Lead-acid batteries weigh about half as much as these batteries. Their combination of all these features makes them one of the best RV batteries for boondocking.

Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

Battery cells in deep cycle lead-acid batteries are made up of lead plates and are filled with distilled water as the transfer substance. Each cell needs to be topped off monthly to ensure that it keeps its charge.

It is possible to overcharge or undercharge lead-acid batteries because they are charged in stages. A house battery can be recharged many times and is usually the least expensive option. AGMs and lithium batteries, on the other hand, typically have a longer life than lead-acid batteries.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

For the electrolytes to pass through between the plates in these deep cycle batteries, they have fiberglass between the plates. Due to its “dry” status, this battery won’t require distilled water to maintain, thus being maintenance-free. While they can be recharged much faster than a lead-acid battery, they cannot be recharged as quickly or efficiently as a lithium battery.


The maintenance-free nature of these batteries makes them similar to AGMs. An electrolyte is transferred through a gel made from sulfuric acid and silicate.

Battery ventilation is not necessary for gel deep cycle batteries because they don’t emit gasses, but their charging speed is very slow. A wheelchair and scooter are equipped with these batteries.

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