What Is Dispersed Camping? Can You Camp Just Anywhere In Utah?



Camping dispersed means staying outside a designated campground overnight. The term boondocking is also used to describe RV camping that is most primitive. Off the grid means living without electricity for days or even weeks on end. Since you don’t even have running water or electrical hookups, you are entirely self-sufficient. Isn’t it great that it’s free?


Campgrounds that are dispersed are usually quite remote and sometimes just on the edge of civilization. Some are located in parks owned by the government or on lands owned by another agency. BLM manages many dispersed camping areas in Utah, as well as many other western states.

Is it possible to camp anywhere in Utah? 

Although dispersed camping in Utah offers a lot of freedom, you can’t pitch a tent anywhere you want. Free camping is allowed by agencies with a main mission to manage lands. Therefore, they have specific rules to protect various public uses from competing. Natural resources and sensitive areas should not be damaged by camping. The government limits the number of days you can camp and allows it only in certain areas. A camping spot can only be occupied for 14 days in a 28-day period. A different public site can, however, be used for the same duration.

Do BLM lands allow dispersed camping?

Keeping an eye out for danger can be crucial, so it’s important to always be vigilant. It’s best to drive cautiously in some of these areas because the roads aren’t in the best condition. It may be necessary to turn around and go to another location. In addition to wild animals, the weather is also a concern. Several of these areas can become bitterly cold due to their elevation. Although they do not receive much rain, sudden flooding can occur when it does. Plan accordingly based on weather reports.

RVing has become increasingly popular in recent years, so you’ll likely not be alone when you visit these places. If you plan to stay for a period of time, make sure you let someone know where you will be and for how long.

Does Utah Dispersed Camping Make Sense?

There’s no doubt that some free campsites are better than others, but the price is always right. Utah is a hard place to beat, especially if you are a mountain, desert, or red-rock canyon enthusiast. The payoff quickly outweighs any inconveniences of slowing down along rough, uneven roads. Utah dispersed camping is an unforgettable adventure in many ways. The effort required to make it happen is absolutely worth all the effort for many campers.

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