What is the ideal humidity in an RV?



It is important to remove excess humidity from your RV, but it can be done too much. Some people may have respiratory problems due to dry air which is below 30% relative humidity. Humid air increases condensation and mold, but dry air can cause dry skin and even cause respiratory problems for some people.


The relative humidity (RH) in the indoor environment should be kept between 30 percent and 50 percent, if possible. Dust mites and pests may also be discouraged by low humidity.


A digital hygrometer monitors humidity levels

A dehumidifier with a large capacity will usually have an integrated hygrometer that displays the level of humidity in the room. It is possible to keep closets and cabinets sufficiently dry by placing inexpensive digital hygrometers in these areas.

Don’t let the air stagnate

If you turn on your heater so that it blows warm air quickly over your windshield, you can prevent “fogging up” or condensation from the windows in your car. The air touching the surface remains warm because the hot air is being moved over the window (colder surface) quickly enough to prevent condensation.


The same method can be applied to problem surfaces or windows in your RV. It is no secret that you will be heating your rig during the winter, so you already have a source of warm air at your disposal. Once that warm air has contacted the window for a while, you can create condensation by directing a fan at it. In addition to helping heat your RV more evenly, fans will also reduce noise.

Maintain an open cabinet

Furthermore, because there is insufficient airflow in closets and cabinets, dead air spaces are susceptible to condensation. It may be a good idea to keep cabinet doors and closet doors open if you notice problems in these locations. It will allow those spaces to be heated and allow more air flow to pass through them.

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