What is the reason for the high cost of Airstreams?



We receive many compliments about our Airstream throughout our travels across the country. Despite their striking appearance, these trailers have a good reputation. Trailers and motorhomes by these brands are far fewer than those manufactured by other brands. One of the reasons for this is that they are not inexpensive. A brand new 2020 Airstream will cost you between $35K and $150K.  As a result of the Airstream being so expensive, people often ask us, “Why are Airstreams so expensive? ”

The Body Beautiful

The aluminium body of Airstreams plays a crucial role in their price. The shell of an airstream is made from aluminium alloy riveted onto a steel frame. On top of this insulator is a riveted inner shell made of aluminium. The material is more expensive, but it also takes more labour to assemble than other brands. A perfect seal is achieved by hand-placing all rivets and avoiding frame damage. Additionally, appliances cannot be dropped into the trailer from above, so they must be carried in manually. There will also be an increase in construction costs.

A Legendary Brand

The Airstream is a luxurious vehicle. Nowadays, they are marketed to upper-class and middle-class customers. They are obviously more expensive than other luxury brands. Since Airstream would lose its reputation as the best brand if it produced a stripped down bargain trailer, the brand won’t produce one.

Other Fine Qualities

The quality of Airstream goes beyond the skin, but the brand and the body determine the price. In addition to using high-quality materials, Airstream equips its trailers with custom cabinetry and furniture. Aside from Moen faucets, the company also uses quality components from third parties. Airstream trailers share these attributes with luxury models from other brands with comparable interior fittings. Most Airstream models are luxury models in some way, so you won’t find any models with outright cheap components. The windows on Airstreams are often made of tempered glass. It is common for cheap trailers to have small square windows or portholes. Having large windows in your Airstream allows you to get close to nature without having to leave. There is also a high quality brake system, axles, and wheels onboard.


Airstreams also have different styles. Country-style trailers are the most common style among trailer companies. Even though they don’t always translate into higher prices, clean lines and curved surfaces cost more to produce. Aside from their appealing design, Airstreams also provide a high level of customer satisfaction for the brand.

Silver dreams come true

There are three reasons why Airstreams are so expensive: their aluminium body, legendary brand, and high-quality components. There will be no problem for them on an open road journey for a lifetime. A lifetime’s worth of service can be expected from them. Despite this, RVs remain some of the most elegant and stylish automobiles ever designed.

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