What makes camping so difficult?


The Delta version of COVID-19 mutated further, and other linked disorders continued to impact our everyday life. Droughts and wildfires are raging throughout the West, and the backlog isn’t going away. Furthermore, it might take years for national forests, campsites, and boondocking locations to recover from the damage.


RV influencers, experts, and the marketing research all identified the same unfavourable elements that contributed to the terrible RV season in 2021. The research survey found that RVers throughout the nation are hopeful about the economy. It was critical for me to remind myself that RVers are a tough lot. When you mix uncertainty with bacon and sugar, we’re ready for anything.


Before the RV boom, the concept of creating parks inside its boundaries was not widely accepted. It’s not essential for me to delve into the reasons, and I’m sure there were some stumbling blocks, but it’s clear that the approach has shifted. Glamping paradises, expanded RV parks for major attractions, family-friendly campsites, and many more may be found with a fast search on YouTube or Google. I am excited about the growth of Love’s Travel Stop’s cooperation with KOA. I recently went to a local RV show where many new campsites were displaying in the vendor section.


Despite the proliferation of new RV campsites, I still suggest making reservations during the off-season. With all of the new campsites coming this year, you may have a much better chance of securing that luxury site you’ve always desired.

What does the future hold for RVs?

Mike Wendland interviewed Matt Foxcroft of Matt’s RV Review on a recent RV Lifestyle episode. Both sides addressed what they thought of the RV advances coming from the manufacturers as a whole.


According to Matt, the gasser Class A or travel trailer industry does not seem to be changing dramatically for many manufacturers. While he observed numerous advancements in diesel Class A RVs, toy haulers, and campervans, he saw the most in diesel Class C RVs. Matt forecasts a decline in Class B costs for customers due to the existence of so many companies on the market.

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