What makes RV Digest-It so good for RV holding tanks?



With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing holding tank treatments, Unique Manufacturing and Marketing is a leader in the field. A flagship product of the company, RV Digest-It, has undergone extensive research and development. By using it, you can reduce odors in your RV’s gray and black water holding tanks and digest solid waste. Our five reasons for choosing RV Digest-It are outlined here in more detail!

1. Affectiveness

To make your RV experience enjoyable, you must maintain your RV’s wastewater system. Clogs and odors can be prevented by doing two things:

  1. You should choose a method that is unique.
  2. Selection of treatment for holding tanks

If you don’t thoroughly understand wastewater care, you will not have an optimal camping experience, regardless of the wastewater treatment you choose for your camping style. In order to select the most effective treatment for your RV’s wastewater systems, you need to understand how to maintain them properly. RV Digest-It meets and exceeds the highest expectations when compared to other top-tier holding tank treatments.

2. Composition

RV Our Digest-It formula consists of only the highest quality ingredients that are safe and effective. You can improve the efficiency of your wastewater system by using these ingredients.

3. Managing odors and reducing waste

As far as disposing of solid waste and controlling odors are concerned, Digest-It is the best choice for RVs and motorhomes.

4. Amplifications

The constant refinement of RV Digest has resulted in the best holding tank treatments available, outperforming all other traditional RV toilet chemicals. In holding tanks, probiotic solutions are used to prevent clogs by lubricating valves, seals, sensor probes, and gauges, as well as cleaning sensors.

5. Formula that works

The ingredients in RV Digest-It are selected to pose the least risk to both human health and the environment. RV Digest-It will meet your personal safety standards if you use its exact ingredients. Compared to corrosive and ineffective RV toilet chemicals, RV Digest-It is safer and more efficient. By using probiotic blends, odors are eliminated and solid waste is broken down by naturally occurring bacteria.

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