What should you do before selling your RV?



You must handle your RV in a certain way if you want the best price. Make sure your property is valued fairly!

Motorhome Cleaning

An RV that looks dirty and lived in may make a potential buyer reluctant to purchase it or imagine themselves living there. Before showing the rig to potential buyers, it’s best to make sure it’s fully detailed. Cleaning up your RV will make you more money, regardless of whether you sell it to a dealer. Toilets in bathrooms and storage areas in basements should be considered. Keep your rig clean and shiny by washing and waxing it. Using a rubber roof cleaner will keep your roof clean. Freshwater tanks should also be cleaned and deodorized.

Make the necessary repairs

It’s inevitable that things will break in your RV eventually, even if you spend a lot of time in it. Even brand new rigs can lose their finishing fixtures and screws. Be sure to fix any problems before putting your RV on the market. If you need parts, contact your RV manufacturer or find a custom option. Dealerships can handle your repairs, but you will need to lower their price.

Mechanical and system checks

It is equally important to ensure everything runs smoothly on the inside as well as look good. Sell a motorhome that is mechanically sound. Sell your RV as a vehicle as well. You should always keep an eye on the furnace, air conditioner, water pump, heater, pipes, and holding tanks.

Keep your software updated

Consider your asking price accordingly if you have upgraded your machine. Solar panels, for instance, are powered by lithium batteries. All of those items will be included in our private market price. A dealership may not accept modifications and upgrades if you’re selling to one. We will remove the solar panels and batteries if they don’t want them considered.

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