What should you do if you have fleas in your RV?


If at all possible, stay away from fleas. In recent years, both topical and oral flea control methods have advanced significantly. It’s not required to spray your dog or use a flea dip solution anymore. With topical drops and a tablet, flea and tick prevention is now feasible. These medications may help to avoid fleas. Speaking with a veterinarian is the most crucial thing you can do for your pet before beginning any medicine, including flea and tick control.

1. Oral flea and tick prevention Bravecto

These tasty chewable flea prevention pills and drop formulations may be dosed for dogs and cats according to their size. How often to administer Bravecto oral flea prevention will be recommended by your veterinarian.

2. Revolution topical flea and tick preventative

A few drops of Revolution applied to the neck of your cat prevent fleas. Revolution is administered monthly to deter fleas in addition to keeping them at bay. Probably available from your veterinarian is Revolution.

3. Frontline topical flea and tick preventative

This topical drop formulation helps your pet’s skin remain healthy when applied at the base of the neck. This flea preventive has a one-month expiry date. It is sold by several brick-and-mortar stores and internet merchants.


There are flea infestations in several southern areas with warmer temperatures long into spring and into winter. Flea infestations may be swiftly and effectively controlled by acting promptly and cleaning properly.


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