When do you get your RV inspected?


RV inspections should be done before you commit and when you think the RV might be right for you. Once you’ve narrowed down your RV choices, you’ll need to schedule an RV inspection. You shouldn’t be talked out of taking this step by a RV salesperson or an RV seller. Unless the rig will be sold before the inspection can be conducted, don’t listen to threats or comments about it not being available. Here are some examples of excuses or pressure comments you might hear:

  • The storage area at our facility cannot be accessed by anyone.
  • There was no problem with it after we had it inspected.
  • It is possible for us to do the inspection for you.
  • Before we can send out an inspector, you need to pay a nonrefundable deposit.
  • Before making the purchase, you can’t have an inspector come out.

Some of these are illegal, while all of them are untrue. A price so compelling that you cannot resist investing in one RV might be the reason for your overinvestment. When an RV inspection is discouraged, you should step away. You can tell it might not be a good deal when this happens.

How do you get an RV inspection?

RV inspectors in your area can be found using the NRVIA’s search engine. You can also hire a mobile RV inspector if you don’t see any listed. The cost of an RV inspection can range from $300 to more than $1,000. Contact several inspectors and ask them for quotes about the rig you’re considering. If you have chosen the inspector, schedule him or her for a time and date that you have agreed upon with the seller or dealer. The RV inspector should also be given access to whatever he needs for testing, such as full tanks, electricity, etc. You will be notified of the RV inspection’s needs before the test begins.

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