When storing your RV battery, should you leave it on or off?


Is this swap ever needed? Use your RV every time you store it. This increases battery life between camping excursions. Before beginning, you need know a few things.

Long-term vs. short-term storage

For short-term storage, unplug the battery. Long-term RV storage may need extra precautions. Long-disconnected batteries will deplete. If your RV’s batteries are left intact for a long time, it may lose power. It’s advisable to remove and attach batteries to a battery tender before long-term storage.

Exception: lithium-ion batteries. The batteries should be drained to between 50% and 80% before being unplugged, then completely recharged. The lithium-ion battery can hold a charge for a year, making it ideal for long-term storage. If your RV will endure below-freezing temps, transfer your lithium batteries someplace warmer. Not freezing lithium batteries is ideal.

Leave the battery connected if possible.

You may keep your RV’s battery connected in certain cases. If you want to park your RV plugged in, you may keep the batteries connected if your converter charger includes a trickle charge option.

There are downsides to being linked in 24/7. Increased power expenses, electrical fire risks, and cold weather may degrade batteries.

A battery disconnect switch is beneficial in various situations.

Using the switch, you may drill holes in walls or operate on the RV’s electrical system. This step is important, but not the only one. The battery disconnect switch may not fully disconnect your rig’s electrical system.

Unplugging the RV from shore power eliminates electricity. Some rigs contain extra batteries that keep them operating when the switch is pushed. Manually removing the second battery may be required.

Last, disconnect the motorhome’s battery. Some things may get power

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