Which RVs should be winter-ready?


RVs can withstand freezing temperatures with the following features.  If you plan to camp in cold weather, look for these RV features.  If an RV lacks one or more of these features, consider the possibility of modifying it.

Plumbing features that protect RVs

An enclosure with a heated environment and/or a connection point for a water hose for emptying holding tanks. A heated water hose or electrical heat tape wrapped around your hose and some foam pipe insulation will also help.

  • A heating system is installed in the area where the water heater and water lines are located
  • There are no liquids trapped in sewer pipes that can freeze as they drain downhill
  • If your holding tanks are exposed and unheated, you can purchase tank heaters to install yourself.

Heat-saving features

Ensure there is additional insulation in the walls, floors, and ceilings – compare R-values with other RV models, but keep in mind that R-value does not tell the entire story. Foam insulation will help hold in heat much better than fibreglass insulation.

  • Heat loss through the floor is reduced with an enclosed underbelly
  • Heaters or heating elements keep pipes and water lines warm
  • A duct system is installed underneath the RV to ventilate the storage bay.
  • The floor is covered with furnace ductwork
  • It is possible to insulate single-pane RV windows with plastic or plexiglass, but this is a time-consuming task.

Cold weather features of RVs

  • Furnace with more than 30k BTUs
  • This is really just a space heater that shows that the wiring of the RV is safe for the operation of an electric heater as supplemental heat.
  • To prevent condensation and reduce humidity in the attic, install attic vents
  • Refrigerator protection from cold weather

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