Which trailer tires are best for 2022?



Towing a trailer involves more than just hooking it up and driving it. It’s common knowledge. Normally, ordinary drivers don’t consider trailers’ physics because of their weight and length. A toy hauler, utility trailer, boat trailer, horse trailer, and RV are dependent on their tires for stability. The vehicle that is pulling the trailer can be relieved of some strain and stress by towing the trailer with the right ones. If you’re replacing worn-out or upgrading OEM tires, properly inflated tires make a noticeable difference.  

Freestar M-108:

The deep grooves in the Freestar M-108 trailer tire increase traction and stability in wet weather conditions. Rubber compound on this product has a purposeful structure that makes it durable and strong. Weights up to 1760 pounds can be handled by its load range C rating.

Carlisle Radial Trail HD:

More than a century ago, Carlisle was founded as one of America’s oldest trailer tire manufacturers. Carlisle claims its tread pattern and contour prevent irregular wear. A variable pitch tread pattern reduces noise generated by the environment. A strong point of this product is its heat resistance. This tire is rated for 81 mph and has a speed rating of M. It can carry 2150 pounds in load range D.

Trailer King ST:

As Trailer King ST tires are intended to be used at highway speeds up to 81 miles per hour, they are suitable for trailering at highway speeds. Manufacturers claim that optimising tread depth will result in a tire that lasts longer, has a lower rolling resistance, and accumulates less heat over time. A maximum weight of 3520 pounds is allowed for load range E.

Transeagle ST Radial:

Its load capacity of 4189 pounds in load range H is true to its name. 75 mph speed rating allows it to tow big, heavy trailers. Dry, wet, and winter weather conditions are enhanced by the tread design.  

Maxxis M8008 ST:

Its load capacity is 2830 pounds, making it a good choice for travel trailers in that class. Its speed rating is R, meaning it can reach 106 mph, which makes it too fast for trailer testing. As an indicator of the M8008 ST’s heat resistance, consider this to be a measure of its endurance at highway speeds. According to the manufacturer, an advanced tread compound reduces rolling resistance and extends tread life.

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