Why do you dislike living in an RV?



Are RVers capable of experiencing a desire for static lifestyles once in a while? In addition to their advantages, road trips have a few disadvantages as well.

1. Decision fatigue

Living in an RV involves many decisions. RVers often underestimate how many decisions they need to make. Full-time RV travellers should pay attention to this. A running checklist is common when you move regularly. Towing an RV from one campground to another is exhausting. Route planning, safety, and bathroom breaks are important. Decision fatigue shatters dreams of RVing full-time. They find it very stressful to make decisions.

2. Crowds are increasing

RV sales have boomed in recent years. The RV industry continues to break records. RVs are sold before they are manufactured! Families and individuals are buying RVs from manufacturers. Camping and boondocking sites are becoming increasingly crowded when people travel in RVs on weekends or full-time. Planning ahead is rewarding for those with limited vacation time. A great way to spend time with family and friends is by RVing! Living in an RV full time can make it difficult to plan ahead. After years of planning where to stay, it becomes boring.

3. Invasion of privacy

Privacy is important to all of us. There is a risk of feeling lonely in RVs due to the lack of privacy. You can hear your neighbours in RVs because the walls are thin. In RV homes, everyone has access to the same bathroom. Small spaces make it hard to relax alone. You may feel watched or heard all the time. Like in a home, neighbours can be good or bad. There will always be someone dissatisfied with your work. The majority of RVers are courteous and quiet. RVer complaints can be found in Facebook RV groups.

4. Costs can be high 

RV purchases might have seemed over when you bought yours. Fees, RV accessories, or a tow vehicle are always expenses. The fuel pump pain may never subside, plus you must pay for routine maintenance. There’s no if, only when. RVs will eventually break if you use them regularly for a long time. A RV repair shop charges $150 to $200 an hour if you can’t fix it yourself. Adventures, experiences, and souvenirs will also cost you more when living the RV lifestyle. RVing can be expensive, but there are ways to save. Saving money is one of the appeals of RV lifestyles. It’s true, but expensive. You should also set up an emergency fund in case of RV emergencies.

5. Availability is limited

You may have thought your first RV was enormous. As you spend more time on it, your opinion may change. It feels cramped now compared to the luxurious RV it once was. Bad weather can trap you inside for days on end in a small space.

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