Why do you need an RV supplemental braking system?


Additional braking systems are required when towing a car behind your RV. RV supplemental braking systems are necessary almost everywhere in the US and Canada if you’re towing a car or trailer that weighs more than a specific amount. Under the rules of your RV’s guarantee, you may also need to apply extra brakes while towing objects that weigh more than a particular amount.


Along with aiding you in remaining legal and maintaining your guarantee, an additional braking system for your RV provides a lot of advantages. They not only increase your safety while driving, but also your safety if you have an emergency braking system.


Supplemental braking systems will help reduce the strain on your RV and the vehicle being towed. If you don’t tow, your motorhome’s brakes will deteriorate considerably more rapidly unless you have an additional braking system. To avoid receiving too much force from the RV’s brakes, you should also set your towed car on its own brakes.


Supplemental brakes will increase your tow bar’s functionality and increase its lifetime. When tow bars feature a braking mechanism, they are less strained. Supplemental brakes reduce the possibility of jackknifing while also preventing rapid braking.

You need an RV auxiliary braking system if you tow a vehicle.

RV supplementary brakes are unquestionably a good idea, but they are often mandated by law. These systems protect you, your RV, and your towed automobile safely by recognizing when you brake your RV and activating the brakes on your towed car. It is simpler and safer to prevent losing control of your car when you slow down in this way.

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