Why do you need to purchase a vintage Airstream?



As we started our search, vintage Airstreams weren’t on our radar. When we saw someone renovating a vintage trailer, we got interested. As soon as we saw those vintage remodels, we immediately thought of looking for one. Taking part in the construction of your trailer gives you a sense of ownership.

Vintage Airstreams are probably your best choice if you are planning to remodel them yourself, if you have the time and skills. A restoration company was called in since we lacked the knowledge and skills to do the restoration ourselves.

  • It may take anywhere from six to eighteen months to complete a restoration project, depending on the physical condition of the trailer and your level of commitment. If you work on the project every day for six months, you may be able to finish it earlier.
  • Craigslist, Airstream Hunter, Airstream Classifieds, and Facebook marketplace may be used to locate old Airstreams. Make sure you inspect a product before purchasing it. It is possible for vintage trailers to remain visually unchanged after 40 or 50 years of operation, even after decades of service. The majority of Airstreams built over the past century still exist today.
  • There is a need for electricians, plumbers, metalworkers, and carpenters.
  • Before purchasing an item, make sure to inspect it. There may be leaks or serious frame issues that make it challenging and costly to fix subfloor damage or water damage. You should buy a plane ticket if you wish to see it before buying. Try pretending to be at a campsite for 30 minutes if the owner is willing to plug in the device. It is also important to review the structural integrity of a trailer. It is ideal if you can find a trailer that is in good condition.
  • You can learn a lot about home improvement and trailer design as you go along.
  • This is one of my favourite features! As a result of its unique design, your Airstream has a high resale value. It costs between $80k and $100k to restore a vintage Airstream. You can build the trailer however you want.
  • Older and smaller Airstreams tend to be more expensive. Older Airstreams are rarer and more expensive. Original appliances, paint, lights, and floors usually cost more.
  • You can expect to pay between several thousand dollars and over twelve thousand dollars for an Airstream shell. As a result, DIY restorations can range in cost from $10k to $40k, while professional restorations can range from $40k to $100k.

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