Why Does My Dometic RV Fridge Not Work?



As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of RV products, Dometic is a Swedish company. Refrigerators for RVs and other mobile setups are one of its most extensive product offerings. It provides gas-powered, noiseless absorption appliances that reduce electricity consumption and dependency.

For those who don’t want to venture off the grid, Dometic also offers electrical models. For those looking for an alternative to batteries and solar power, its compressor refrigerators are the perfect solution.

What caused my Dometic RV fridge to stop working? 

Dometic RV refrigerators can stop working for a variety of reasons. It may be more cost effective to check out a few things yourself instead of hiring a professional or hauling your RV to the dealer. Repair costs can be kept to a minimum if it is a simple fix.

It is not uncommon for Dometic RV fridges to suffer from faulty control boards. To begin with, you’d be best off checking these. Using a multimeter will allow you to confirm that they are working properly. You may be able to fix the problem much more easily than if you replaced a control board.

Your fridge may not be getting power if your breaker box is tripped. Whenever you experience a problem with electronics, you should start here. Restoring power to your equipment may require flipping a breaker or replacing a fuse. Your RV refrigerator’s back access panel can be found on the side of your RV if everything is fine there.

The components that keep your fridge running can be seen when you take off the plastic cover. You will be confronted with a serious situation if you observe a yellow sulfuric buildup. If your cooling system has an ammonia leak, it may not be able to cool and function properly.

To determine if power is flowing correctly, use a multimeter if you do not see any obvious reasons for the unit not working properly. To verify that the fridge is receiving either 120-volts or 12-volts, test all the electrical connections and make sure they receive either voltage. If a connection has been compromised or a failure has occurred, this test will help identify the problem.


A professional should inspect your system if you are unfamiliar with multimeters or uncomfortable working with electricity. Without knowing what you’re doing, you shouldn’t poke around the RV’s electrical system. It is also possible to electrocute yourself as well as cause further damage.

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