Why doesn’t my camper refrigerator work?


There is a tendency among campers to avoid problems, as they do not want to spend time or money fixing something like a broken refrigerator. An entire trip can be delayed until the damage is repaired when this happens.

There are many reasons why the camper fridge does not work, including the following:

Refrigeration unit leak

There is a common problem with the refrigeration unit in camper fridges. A refrigerator or RV with a strong ammonia odor is easy to spot. It is best to remove the fridge from the caravan as soon as possible when this happens.

Poor air circulation

The refrigerator’s cooling system should also be checked for clogs. Overfilled fridges often have this problem. The sensors have a hard time maintaining the correct temperature in poor airflow conditions. Consequently, the cooling system will work too hard, malfunction, or leak.

Thermistor or temperature sensor failure

Motorhome fridges that don’t work are often due to faulty thermistors. The refrigerator does not stay cold or gets too cold. Temperatures should not exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the refrigerator. Sensors and thermistor failure can be attributed to several factors. Sometimes it’s time to replace them because they’ve been overused.

Excessive electrical charge

Most camper fridges are powered by a 12V battery. The refrigerator works with a 12V battery. Unplugged power cords will not work. If there is no power, the refrigerator will stop working. Make sure your battery voltage regulator is set correctly for your caravan’s current load by checking your voltage regulator.

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