Why is it so hard to find campsites?



The Delta variant of COVID-19 continued to mutate and other related issues have continued to affect our daily lives. Western states are experiencing droughts and wildfires, and the backlog isn’t going away. Additionally, it may take years for national forests, campgrounds, and boondocking areas to recover from the damage they sustained.


RV influencers, experts, and the marketing study all mentioned the same negative factors that caused the RV season in 2021 to be difficult.  Interesting about the research study is that RVers all over the country are optimistic about the economy. It was very necessary for me to remind myself that RVers are a hardy bunch. If you add a little bacon and sugar to uncertainty, we’re prepared for anything.


The idea of opening campgrounds within their borders wasn’t too popular before the RV boom. It’s not necessary for me to go into the reasons and I guarantee there were some hum-dingers, but it’s evident that the approach has changed. If you do a quick search on YouTube or Google, you’ll find glamping paradises, expansion RV parks for popular attractions, family-friendly campgrounds, and many others. As for the partnership expansion between Love’s Travel Stop and KOA, I am looking forward to it. Recently, I attended a local RV show where several new campgrounds were exhibiting in the vendors’ area.


In spite of all the new RV campgrounds opening up, I still recommend making reservations over the off-season. With those new campgrounds opening up this year, you may have a much better chance of getting that premium site you’ve always wanted.

RVs: what’s in store for the future?

Matt Foxcroft of Matt’s RV Review was interviewed on a recent RV Lifestyle podcast by Mike Wendland. It was discussed by both parties what they thought of the RV innovations coming from the manufacturers as a whole. 


The gasser Class A or travel trailer sector doesn’t seem to be changing significantly for many manufacturers, according to Matt. While he saw many innovations in the diesel Class A RVs, toy haulers, and campervans categories, he found the most in the diesel Class C RVs. Due to the presence of so many brands on the market, Matt predicts a drop in Class B prices for consumers.

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