why RV Digest-It is the best RV holding tank treatment?



Over the past 20 years, Unique Manufacturing and Marketing has been a leading manufacturer of holding tank treatments. The RV Digest-It, a flagship product, results from two decades of research and development. You can use it in your camper’s gray and black water-holding tanks to reduce odors and digest solid waste.

Here, we will discuss five reasons in more depth to demonstrate why RV Digest-It is the best RV holding tank treatment!

1. Efficacy

Keeping your RV experience fun and enjoyable requires proper maintenance of your wastewater systems. To keep your RV free of clogs and odors, you need to do two things:

  1. Choose a unique method.
  2. Select the right treatment for your holding tank

There is no magic bullet, so even if you have selected the proper wastewater treatment for your camping style, you are not likely to have an optimal camping experience without a thorough understanding of wastewater care. It’s important to select the best treatment for your RV’s wastewater systems once you understand how to maintain them properly. RV Digest-It meets and exceeds the highest expectations compared to other top-tier holding tank treatments.

2. Ingredients

RV Digest-It contains ingredients that are carefully selected for their safety and efficiency. Ingredients such as these are designed to enhance the efficiency of your wastewater system.

3. Waste Digestion & Odor Control

When it comes to solid waste breakdown and odor control, RV Digest-It is hands down the best treatment available.

4. Improvements

As RV Digest-It is constantly refined, it consistently provides the best holding tank treatments, outperforming all other traditional RV toilet chemicals. By treating holding tanks with a probiotic solution that lubricates valves, seals, sensor probes and gauges, cleans sensors, and prevents clogs.

5. Trusted formula

To minimize the risks to humans and the environment, RV Digest-It only uses ingredients that pose the least amount of risk. The RV Digest-It supplement is formulated with trust, and you can use the exact ingredients to determine whether they meet your personal safety standards. The RV Digest-It product is a safer and more efficient alternative to corrosive and ineffective RV toilet chemicals that can even damage RV wastewater system components. Using probiotic blends eliminates odors and breaks down solid waste using naturally-occurring bacteria.

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