Why Should You Use A High-Quality RV Waste Digester?



A majority of RVers, even the most newcomers, know that solid waste should be digested in their holding tanks. Many products promise to break down waste and remove odors from holding tanks.

Although treatment products differ, there are some commonalities. In some cases, products cause more problems than they solve because they contain dangerous chemicals or ineffective ingredients. This article will explore the benefits of using a high-quality waste digester and the dangers of not using one. 

By liquefying waste, you won’t get clogs.

Waste digesters digest waste inside your black tanks, as their name implies! Clogs caused by pyramid plugs or compacted tanks can be prevented by digesting waste inside the tank. Waste digesters break down waste using bacteria, enzymes, or bacteria and enzymes. 

Solid waste inside the tank is often not fully eliminated by enzyme-only treatments. However, enzymes do not live and can only break down waste into smaller pieces. They do not attack odors. By contrast, bacteria digest waste completely. The story goes a little deeper than that. Different types of bacteria are often used in holding tank treatment products. Bacteria from cheap strains are sometimes used in products. There is often a failure of these bacteria to break down waste inside your tank, resulting in clogs. 

Bacteria and enzymes are both used in high-quality waste-digesting products. The bacteria are able to digest waste more effectively when large pieces of waste are broken down into smaller sizes by non-living enzymes. It is during this process that the bacteria produce more enzymes, which aids in the continuation of the process. The result will be top-notch waste digestion with no clogs!

Waste digesters help eliminate odors.

Anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria are the two major types of bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria are found in some products, just like those found in your stomach. The best strains of aerobic bacteria will be used in a high-quality waste digester. When aerobic bacteria break down waste, they emit only carbon dioxide and water, not smelly hydrogen sulfide gas like anaerobic bacteria. If you use a product that contains aerobic bacteria, you will be able to remove the anaerobic bacteria that cause disgusting odors in your aquarium. As an added bonus, aerobic bacteria are often preferable to anaerobic bacteria in terms of breaking down the solid waste and preventing odors.


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