Winter Tire Chains You Need for 2022



Walking through slush and ice has already been a challenge. Wintertime mountain travel is extremely dangerous due to elevation and tight curves – to the point that some regions require tire chains. To avoid fines and accidents, drivers should prepare in advance for snowy mountain passes, even if there is a slim chance.


The proper sizing of tire chains reduces the risk of wheel damage caused by incorrect sizes. Due to high-tech modern materials, they are lighter and bulkier in the event of a surprise snowstorm. When it comes to tire chains, it is important to use the right pattern for the right situation. For extra traction and longevity, square chains are recommended for those with traction control. It is a good idea to use tire cables and traction socks when tires have a limited clearance between them and suspensions or bodies.


Research was conducted to determine the most effective tire chains, cables, and traction socks based on real-world reviews. The chain size must match the tire size in order for tire chains to work properly, so make sure that the chain fits your tire before purchasing. I have compiled some lists with general comments about the best tire chains:


  1. Best Overall: Peerless Series 1500 Auto-Trac
  2. The Best Truck Chains : Security Chain Company QG2228CAM Quik Grip
  3. Low-Profile Tire Chain: Glacier 1046 Passenger Cable Tire Chain
  4. Budget Snow Chains: KNIG CB-12 104
  5. Best Premium Tire Snow Chains: Michelin Easy Grip Evolution
  6. A Better Alternative to Tire Chains: AutoSock 697 Textile Traction Device

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